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What Our Students Have to Say

My sessions with Buck were very very helpful. I was very behind in all of my APUSH assignments and didn't understand a few of the topics and was looking for someone to help me get caught up and understand everything better and Buck helped me catch up in no time and explained more thoroughly each topic I had trouble on. He also helped me get prepped for the AP exam and go through example exams as well which was a lot of help because it showed me what was in store and without Buck's help I never would have looked at examples and would be really lost.
Jadyn Wray
I was looking for someone to prep me for the APUSH and APAH exam. I was clueless on APAH but my sessions with Buck really gave me at least general knowledge on subject in such a short time. I had bits a pieces of information about APUSH but he helped me put those pieces together in one long timeline. My sessions with him gave me more confidence in the subject matters.
Mel D.
I was looking for a history tutor to help go in more depth on topics I did not fully grasp in class. Buck Curley provided this in a great way as he was easy to talk to and understand. Whenever I didn't understand a topic, he provided his ideas and powerpoints on the topics, and by the time of the AP I understood every topic in US History. His tutoring allowed me to be calm going into the AP. Also, he was very easy to get in touch with in order to schedule lessons. I would recommend Buck to anyone taking the class, being that he was a great help for me throughout the year.
Levi G
I was looking for someone who could hep me link all of the events together into a story rather than just history dates in a textbook. Buck really helped me understand the different time periods to the point where it didn’t feel like I needed to memorize anything. He also helped me significantly in developing my writing skills in DBQ's and LEQ's. I had never written one before and after a few sessions I became really confident in my understanding of how to approach and execute writing them by myself in class.
Cecelia H
My daughter is homeschooled and though she has a very good knowledge of US History, she had no "teacher" to give her grades/feedback on her DBQ writing for the APUSH test and we were worried. Finding Buck was the answer to this problem. He gave her amazing, detailed feedback, pointing out her strengths but advising where and how she could improve. She feels confident going into the test this week and I would recommend him highly!
Amy C
I was looking for a tutor that would help me to review specific concepts throughout the year as well as for the upcoming AP exam. Mr. Curley always went over the exact concepts I was looking for in good detail. Overall, he has been very helpful with the AP U.S. history help I've needed!
Hannah C.
I was looking for a good APUSH tutor as I was having a hard time with the Civil War unit. I think Buck was really a great resource and he helped me a lot especially in preparing for the AP Exam. I think he has a very comprehensive understanding of the content
Joyce Go
Mr. Curley was my AP Art History teacher this past year and his class was phenomenal. I learned so much about the history of the world and of different cultures through the lens of art. His knowledge about the subject was very impressive; he had an in-depth and detailed answer to any questions that I had and was able to truly teach me all aspects of the subject. I am sure that I will remember his lessons from the class for a long time.
Daniel O.
Buck was an amazing resource for tutoring for the US History AP (APUSH). My daughter got a 5! He was immensely helpful and we highly recommend him.
Anne M
I used Buck Curley to do well on my U.S. history AP and he was fantastic. Because of him both me and my brother got 5s.
Sebastian Hicks
I was having a hard time seeing the big picture of the events that were happening in World History and so I was hoping I would find someone to help me see it. After having a few weeks of this lesson, I got more confident in class as to participating since I began to understand what was going on.
Rachel P
Buck has been a tremendous help to my daughter in learning art history. He is a very talented teacher who makes difficult concepts easier to understand and to master. Buck is always positive in his approach and is able to get the most out of his students. Our daughter has learned a significant amount about art history from Buck and we would recommend him for anyone interested in learning about art history.
Christine Paige

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